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Product Description

  • Material : Hand woven cotton + Denim cotton + Polly fibre + Wooden button
  • Our hand woven cotton is hand dyed, uses non-toxic colour and of course a fair trade product.
  • Wooden button and stitch colour can be different from images.
  • Hand wash or gentle machine wash please!
  • Size : W 45cm, H 20cm
  • Weight : about 800g


Breastfeeding to Playtime…

It may stay with your family longer than what you expect.
1. Support your laptop and your neck.
2. A modular playtime unit for kids.
3. From breast feeding to picnics and whatever you love to do!





Tortellini Cushion…. the story 

We found a lonely arm chair on the street and so we decided to take it home. To restore its goodness we thought it needed a new cushion – a few days later we launched its new buddy….. tortellini cushion!


  • Registered design and trademark. 
  • Designed in SYDNEY + Made in KOREA