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Please come and meet us at The Powerhouse Museum during SYDNEY DESIGN 09. We will have new products and all of our regular favs’ to show you!

Young Blood Designers Market, Sydney Design 09 6 – 9pm, Friday 14 August 10 – 5pm, Saturday 15 August $5 Museum entry

Buy directly from the cream of our national design talent during Sydney Design 09 at the Powerhouse Museum. Young Blood: Designers Market showcases original design, from fashion to furniture, jewellery, graphic, product, landscape and lighting design and gives visitors the opportunity to meet the makers and talk about their work, in a vibrant market atmosphere.

Share a drink at Friday night’s market and enjoy sounds mixed specially for Young Blood by Designer Muzik.

Or catch the live photo shoot of hip-hop dancers by fashion photographer Hamish Ta-me at the Saturday market.

Don’t miss the chance to buy NEW TO YOU limited edition pieces created for the Museum’s temporary sustainable restaurant Eat Green Design by Oliver Smith, Lana Alsamir-Diamond, Stefan Lie and Rod Walden and Janine Brody of Cone 9 Ceramic Design.

Visit for the complete festival program.


We have 6 new happy colours of Tortellini Cushion only on our web site!! More colours and much more fun. Hope you enjoy our new Tortellini as much as we do.

Thank you…

SeoRyung + John

(some Tortellini photos in our little mini Mondo Grosoo garden) 


Recently, we were sent this adorable photo of one satisfied bambini happily napping in their Tortellini Cushion.

We’re so proud to see these kinds of images, and if you have any special moments that you’d like to share, it could be just some funny game or playtime moment that you’ve captured with your child and their Tortellini Cushion, then we’d love to receive them and display them here!

Kind regards, Studio SKINKY.


The Tortellini Cushion has recently be reviewed by Best Buys 4 Baby – a new and exciting online hub for parents & bubs.

The review process of our sample Tortellini Cushion is ongoing. It was given to one of site’s “test families”, and so over time they’ll provide further reviews detailing its ongoing functionality & performance. Read the initial review below, or alternatively just follow this link;

In additions, the site also details important product sales and helpful product reviews – a necessary resource that we believe will be very useful as new families grow and expand.

So immerse yourselves in it at and make sure you save it into your web browser!!

Tortellini Cushion

I first spied the Tortellini Cushion at the Young Bloods design fair at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. As a bright and colourful object it stood out from the crowd so I was really interested when I found out there was more to it than just a pretty face.

Design and Features This breastfeeding cushion is a crescent shape which wraps around your waist and has a button and button hole on the ends so that it can be transformed. It’s made of thick hand woven cotton on the top, hard wearing denim on the bottom and is stuffed with a polyester fibre. It comes in 11 vibrant colour combinations and you can tell it’s handmade with love.

Performance and Drawbacks As a breastfeeding cushion the Tortellini is snug and comfy. It’s high, bringing your baby to the boob and providing back relief. Lengthwise it’s about average for a breastfeeding cushion so will fit a baby up until about 6 months. One thing I really like about the Tortellini cushion is that its use doesn’t stop there. It provides a great support for a newly sitting baby, do up the button and there’s a perfect supportive space. As your baby becomes a more stable sitter, undo it for a soft landing in case of free fall. It’s also really useful as a support for a baby with reflux or who needs elevation. Finally, use it forever as a laptop table, personally I find it a bit too high but it would depend on your preference. When it gets dirty you can toss it in the washing machine. It does have a big button on it and you should always be cautious with buttons and toddlers, however, the likelihood of getting that big button down the hatch is very low.

Conclusion The Tortellini is much better looking than your average breastfeeding cushion and its so much nicer for new sitters than those molded plastic seats. It’s available from selected baby boutiques in Sydney or direct from Studio Skinky online.

About Studio Skinky Studio Skinky and I are practically neighbours in sunny Sydney. A mum and dad run outfit they are committed to making well designed, useful and environmentally friendly products. All products are made in Australia. The Tortellini Cushion is the first baby product I’ve found that comes with its own short story. Read it on Studio Skinky’s website.


NEW Tortellini Cushion retailers….

Now you can meet and touch our Tortellini Cushion near you. We’ve been crazy busy updating our stockist BUT at least we thought we could introduce them here. Hope you are nearby!!

If you want to see our Tortellini near you and there is a lovely shop please let us know!! CONTACT us at BIIRD 199 Clovelly Rd. Clovelly NSW 2031 Tel. 02 9665 8885

Dragonfly 17 James St. Buleigh Heads Gold Coast QLD 4220 Tel. 07 5576 4465


Hello everyone!

We’ve had our Tortellini Cushion shot in a ‘My munchkin home’ promotion. My Munchkin Home have lots of lovely wall stickers for bambini bedrooms. Its an easy way to update rooms without too much work and still looking GOOD!!

Please check


Piece By Piece. Like Lego for grown-ups, the Studio Skinky bedside table, $308*, is masterfully pieced together. Available from The Departure Lounge, (02) 9281 1369,

Note: *This price is a promotion price, and only available for the duration of this issue of Inside Out Magazine.


Lock me in… has been recently featured on the “Shelf Help” page of House & Garden!


For cleaning your Tortellini Cushion we recommend only a gentle machine washing cycle with no spin dry, only drip dry. Or alternatively, hand washing will also suffice, but again only drip dry.

small_green 20/04/09 Hi Studio Skinky I’ve received ‘Tortellini Cushion’ as a present when my 14 month old son was born. It was great to use it as a breast-feeding cushion but now it is his favourite. He uses it as a seat when he is awake and he goes to sleep alone with it. It was the best present ever!! Thank you!! Y. Wynne, Sydney, NSW.

02/02/09 Hi there, We LOVE our tortellini cushion.  I bought it when Daniel was about 3 months old for breastfeeding purposes.  We had a M****** but it really wasn’t as comfortable to use as I thought it would be so I when I saw the Tortellini in Infancy in Rozelle I snapped it up. It was/is fantastic for breast feeding but, now he is 8 months old, is also a great safety cushion for when he sits on the floor (he sits up really well but you never know when he might go over).  Plus, now he is trying to move his body around, he uses it as a crawling aid and then a head rest (when he runs out of steam!).  We also use it as a head rest on the lounge.  The thing never sits idle! S. Guihot, Sydney, NSW.

08/01/09 Hi, I purchased a Tortellini Pillow from the Youngblood Markets at the powerhouse Museum for my niece in preparation for her third baby that was born in November. She made a point of telling me how  happy she is with it, no more backaches when is feeding, she can make herself comfortable to feed anywhere. She wished she had one 2 babies ago. I just wanted to let you know how successful the pillow is. Thankyou, J. Playford, Sydney, NSW.