Tortellini Cushions Reviewed at Best Buys 4 Baby

May 29, 2009


The Tortellini Cushion has recently be reviewed by Best Buys 4 Baby – a new and exciting online hub for parents & bubs.

The review process of our sample Tortellini Cushion is ongoing. It was given to one of site’s “test families”, and so over time they’ll provide further reviews detailing its ongoing functionality & performance. Read the initial review below, or alternatively just follow this link;

In additions, the site also details important product sales and helpful product reviews – a necessary resource that we believe will be very useful as new families grow and expand.

So immerse yourselves in it at and make sure you save it into your web browser!!

Tortellini Cushion

I first spied the Tortellini Cushion at the Young Bloods design fair at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. As a bright and colourful object it stood out from the crowd so I was really interested when I found out there was more to it than just a pretty face.

Design and Features
This breastfeeding cushion is a crescent shape which wraps around your waist and has a button and button hole on the ends so that it can be transformed.
It’s made of thick hand woven cotton on the top, hard wearing denim on the bottom and is stuffed with a polyester fibre. It comes in 11 vibrant colour combinations and you can tell it’s handmade with love.

Performance and Drawbacks
As a breastfeeding cushion the Tortellini is snug and comfy. It’s high, bringing your baby to the boob and providing back relief. Lengthwise it’s about average for a breastfeeding cushion so will fit a baby up until about 6 months.
One thing I really like about the Tortellini cushion is that its use doesn’t stop there. It provides a great support for a newly sitting baby, do up the button and there’s a perfect supportive space. As your baby becomes a more stable sitter, undo it for a soft landing in case of free fall.
It’s also really useful as a support for a baby with reflux or who needs elevation. Finally, use it forever as a laptop table, personally I find it a bit too high but it would depend on your preference.
When it gets dirty you can toss it in the washing machine.
It does have a big button on it and you should always be cautious with buttons and toddlers, however, the likelihood of getting that big button down the hatch is very low.

The Tortellini is much better looking than your average breastfeeding cushion and its so much nicer for new sitters than those molded plastic seats.
It’s available from selected baby boutiques in Sydney or direct from Studio Skinky online.

About Studio Skinky
Studio Skinky and I are practically neighbours in sunny Sydney. A mum and dad run outfit they are committed to making well designed, useful and environmentally friendly products. All products are made in Australia.
The Tortellini Cushion is the first baby product I’ve found that comes with its own short story. Read it on Studio Skinky’s website.