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Piece By Piece. Like Lego for grown-ups, the Studio Skinky bedside table, $308*, is masterfully pieced together. Available from The Departure Lounge, (02) 9281 1369,

Note: *This price is a promotion price, and only available for the duration of this issue of Inside Out Magazine.


Lock me in… has been recently featured on the “Shelf Help” page of House & Garden!


For cleaning your Tortellini Cushion we recommend only a gentle machine washing cycle with no spin dry, only drip dry. Or alternatively, hand washing will also suffice, but again only drip dry.

small_green 20/04/09 Hi Studio Skinky I’ve received ‘Tortellini Cushion’ as a present when my 14 month old son was born. It was great to use it as a breast-feeding cushion but now it is his favourite. He uses it as a seat when he is awake and he goes to sleep alone with it. It was the best present ever!! Thank you!! Y. Wynne, Sydney, NSW.

02/02/09 Hi there, We LOVE our tortellini cushion.  I bought it when Daniel was about 3 months old for breastfeeding purposes.  We had a M****** but it really wasn’t as comfortable to use as I thought it would be so I when I saw the Tortellini in Infancy in Rozelle I snapped it up. It was/is fantastic for breast feeding but, now he is 8 months old, is also a great safety cushion for when he sits on the floor (he sits up really well but you never know when he might go over).  Plus, now he is trying to move his body around, he uses it as a crawling aid and then a head rest (when he runs out of steam!).  We also use it as a head rest on the lounge.  The thing never sits idle! S. Guihot, Sydney, NSW.

08/01/09 Hi, I purchased a Tortellini Pillow from the Youngblood Markets at the powerhouse Museum for my niece in preparation for her third baby that was born in November. She made a point of telling me how  happy she is with it, no more backaches when is feeding, she can make herself comfortable to feed anywhere. She wished she had one 2 babies ago. I just wanted to let you know how successful the pillow is. Thankyou, J. Playford, Sydney, NSW.