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Time to cheerfully organise your life!

These folding boxes are great for sorting and organizing your; desk stationary / pantry cupboards / clothes / toys / Fresh food/ picnic / camping / car boot storage.

9 vibrant colours & 3 versatile sizes. Made of carcinogenic free materials. Shrinks to 1/6 of its volume when folded. 100% recyclable!

Will be in stock the first week of Sep 2014. :)


  Welcome Playtime friends!

We are very pleased after supplying Playon Crayons to Europe for 3 years, we now have a new home in Holland. Please feel free to contact us for wholesale enquiries!


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Crayon Flower!

May 15, 2013





NEW home made product photo.

Actaully, studioSKINKY warehouse/office made photo which we will use in many cases.


Only needed

2 A4 papers

 mix of pastel and primary Playon crayon packs

and a mobile phone camera.




Here are some fun cotton socks to put onto your kids feet….. Maybe your little angles/muckers deserve these beauties!!??

We’re really pleased to introduce the playful sock range by YarnWorks. And to begin with, we’ve got this fun 3 pair Kids sock pack now available.

photo (3)

studioSKINKY donated 50 Playon Crayon Grab sets

for the Cudgee Primary School’s Christmas night Market in NOV 2012.

In return we received these cute photo from the organisers.

Thank you!!




NOW you can secure your boxes and parcels with this Chain tape, or liven them up instead with the Vine tape and add a touch of green!

Each roll is 45m long. And you can play with these tapes for a long long time.

Please remember it’s fun but don’t over use them!!

(Please contact us for retail orders.)



playon poster

Playon Crayons are currently being promoted at New York Magazine;

……care of our great friends at MAD – Museum of Arts & Design NYC.

Since being selected as a product in the 2011 Oprah Magazine Christmas guide,

MAD has been the best go-to place for Playon Crayons in NYC!



studio SKINKY brings you a great selection of cards this season! We have 33 different styles to choose from, and each one is designed with fun in mind. Every card is detailed and highly featured with applied decoration and attention to humor. Please check our range of cards and don’t forget your friends and loved ones this Christmas!!





Studio SKINKY is responsible for distributing the great range by the label PaperCat in the European and Asian markets. The range includes 6 whimsically illustrated paper chains – Princesses, Fairies, Angels, Rabbits, Pirates and Robots – that can be ideal as a gift for a baby shower or used to decorate any newborn’s nursery or child’s bedroom. Also in their range are 3 paper toy booklets – Dolls of the World, Return of the Robots & The Magical Journey – and each consists of a number of flat patterns which once folded and constructed will create a selection of three dimensional models that include robots, automobiles, rockets & dolls. The PaperCat range is available from Studio SKINKY for retail distribution!



The PaperCat range is now available at

Read more about these fabulous products in the Babyology review;